vampirestat [dot] com creates false traffic reports on my blog. CEASE and DESIST vampires...

Does anyone know how to kill this vampire website? They "visit" my blog every time I make a change and pretend to be a REAL HUMAN looking at my words and pictures. Yet, this is just a computer program collecting statistics about the blogosphere in general... While they are not EVIL, they do annoy.

Summary of Comments: These vampires exist and they will continue to exist no matter what I do... I should focus my attention on creating great content... Now I see a lot of traffic from an appliance repair business in Moscow... Truly Strange... but easy to ignore...

HOWEVER: Most of the visits to my blog do come from Google Search and I Believe that those visits are from a real human... We will never know...

Here is what a man named Vighnesh Recommends:

Don't click on the referred sites link in your blog status

When you click on the link, bots are activated which crawl your page exponentially. I too paid a visit and got extra 50 visits (false bot visits). Never click on these links or visit their site. Doing so, you can turn down the volume to around 100/so a month.

Don't refer/enter your site address in that bot webpage...

Dont ever like or share them at their webpage...

Here is an article about who they are and what they do:

Legalize Medicinal Psychedelics

I posted a question on Google Blogger message board:!category-topic/blogger/how-do-i/nFDYUBRww_c

here is a reply: It's referer spam, and it's a known problem.  You can't block visits - particularly when the visits don't exist.  Please read the FAQ - and don't click on any dodgy links in the Stats logs!

Thanks! I'll simply ignore it and focus on creating ART and Writing Stories...
Peace and Love: Not Just a Good Idea
but a Practical and Efficient Way of Life...

Like This:

Just another cloudy day in Lolita, CA
Friends of the Mushroom Society

psychedelic art
Gear Sculptures on Highway 101 in Northern California
Click Here for More pictures of Northern California

Eureka, CA
Pentagon Rainbow Quest
Exorcism of Congress:
Dance around the US Capitol Building
with a Shaman and burn sage
to drive out evil spirits...

Link to ART!

 "e" Fish
Earth First! Band
and Kid...
Bird Flying over the Ghost Dance

More Art At:


Bally Balldez said...

Find out who the criminals are who run this scam and call the authorities on them. LOL! As if they would actually protect civilians.

I'd like to see these scum get cancer and die in agony.

Teacher Nia said...

You can't block visits - particularly when the visits don't exist.
end quote

This was precious. Okay, so I'll ignore them.

Of course I do not wish them ill. And well, if they live in the USA or anywhere with a similiarly contaminated food, water, "medicine" etc. supply they are likely to contract cancer and die in agony.

Blessings to all! Optimal health to us all. :)

L.A. Green said...
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L.A. Green said... I posted with a title called FUCK YOU VAMPIRESTAT.COM and that post has no traffic from the bots neither does it have any shares from the bots like some of my other post...I think it's kind of funny...someone is watching for that to happen...

Tutturuu~ said...

I think a lot of visitors today, in fact just spam

fun valley-admin said...

These bots are smarter..They use ip addresses

Like google having lots of access ip-s, these bots have lots of access ip-s
How many of them will you block manually?
You will be tired eventually

Here is a complete solution tested and working by me
Give thanks if you found it useful like numerous other people

article-1(issue and test)

article-2(result after 3 months)